Bruce Song Hall Of Fame

OK ... time for Phase Two of our Bruce Springsteen song Hall of Fame. The voting.

You can vote here.

About 1,000 people wrote in their Top 5 Springsteen songs -- and I thank all of you, even those who voted for “Bruce Sucks” and “Jack Morris.” Just as an FYI, 203 different Springsteen songs were named, which is kind of ridiculous.

Now, I picked the top 27 of them (don’t ask) and it’s time to vote.

You can vote here.

The cool part, I think, is that you don’t just vote for your 10 favorites, I’m asking you to rank them in order. As I’ve written before, I wish the Baseball Hall of Fame would do this. I think we would get more interesting voting that better reflects the feelings of the voters. I’m willing to bet the BBWAA and Baseball Hall of Fame won’t take me up on that. But the Bruce Song Hall of Fame will.

One more time, you can vote here.