BR Hall of Fame Update

One thing that becomes more and more clear is that it's HARD to get 75% in any kind of poll. Obviously that's much higher than a majority, higher even then a supermajority. If the BR voting for the Hall of Fame was like a vote for class president, Pete Rose and Barry Bonds would have swamped the competition. They each got 72% of the vote. That's a crazy high total. Heck, even James Madison in his historic stomping of Charles Pinckney in the 1808 presidential election got less than 65% of the vote.

But here, that's still not quite enough. They are out of the BR Hall of Fame for now. They will get one more chance at the end of the voting, but there are enough people bothered by their offenses against baseball to keep them out this time.

For the record, Rose and Bonds got EXACTLY the same number of votes. Eerie.

And now we are in the fun part of the voting -- the next few rounds will determine what Brilliant Readers think the Hall of Fame line should be. My early sense -- and maybe it is because of the way I'm doing the voting -- is that the BR Hall will be a small hall, with the standard for entry being quite a bit higher than the actual Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. But we'll see. There are a lot of very interesting players coming up.

This ballot has some of those interesting players. What will people do with Gaylord Perry? How will the vote totals for Tony Gwynn and Tim Raines match up? Randy Johnson makes it on the BR ballot two years before he's eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame -- how will the BR voters respond to him? Dennis Eckersley sailed into the Baseball Hall of Fame first ballot, how do BR voters feel about him?

I do love this project. I love it almost as much as the Favorite Athlete Project -- got a couple of really good ones going up today. Definitely check out Dave Barry's short and sweet thought about Dr. J.