Boxing, Minnie and 100 Greatest

So, you might have heard: Boxing is coming back to NBC Prime Time this Saturday for the first time in like a bajillion years. I've had a long and complicated relationship with boxing because of my father, who is:

1. The most peaceful person I've ever known.

2. The biggest boxing fan I've ever known.

Boxing is weird that way. A few months ago, I met the amazing Jenny Lewis. She sings like an angel. And she is a CRAZY boxing fan. I mean, seriously, crazy. She found out I was a sportswriter, and she made it clear that she has no interest in any sports except boxing. And she proceeded to ask me about 10 million boxing questions, which was funny because it was clear that she knows about 10 million times more about boxing than I do.

Anyway, I have a boxing piece up today on SportsWorld about what it is about this sport that still compels and thrills and fascinates so many. I will have another one up later in the week about an amazing relationship between a young boy looking to become a man, and an old man looking to find some meaning in his sport and in his life.

-- I have written a piece about the death of Minnie Minoso -- that will be up on SportsWorld tomorrow. It goes without saying that I'm sad that Minoso was not elected into the Hall of Fame before his death. He was a Hall of Famer as a baseball player and as a man.

-- I have written No. 40 in my Baseball 100. I believe that will go up here on the blog tomorrow so we will get that all kick started again.

-- I'm also writing a piece about my most recent father-daughter dance (my fourth!) so that might go up sometime soon. Then again, I might not finish it. A lot going on.

-- I'm in Arizona for some baseball -- assuming it ever stops raining. This was the credential I got in Surprise from the Kansas City Royals. I think it's fair to say it's the sort of credential I never expected to get.