Ben Dilday's Poz100

You probably already know this, but Brilliant Reader Ben Dilday is doing a statistical companion to the Baseball 100. It's pretty awesome. I've been in touch with Ben, and my plan is to start giving him the Baseball 100 entry a couple of days early so that he can do his fun and detailed pieces in real time.

For now, here's are his statistical thoughts on the first five on the list:

96: Chase Utley

97. Johan Santana

98. Carlton Fisk

99. Charlie Gehringer

100. Zack Greinke

I'm trying to figure out a way to develop a fun members contest for predicting the Baseball 100 -- I'll get back to you on that. And I'm also hoping that people can start predicting the Shadowball 100, but you will have to figure out the pattern first.

Oh, yeah, I guess I haven't said that before -- there will be a pattern to the Shadowball 100. I think you'll pick up on the rhythm.