Back from Vacation

I just took what I would call my first real vacation since ... well, maybe my first real vacation. It wasn't that this vacation was significantly different in form -- we all did the things we usually do -- but this was different in that I didn't do any writing at all.

I'm not going to lie to you: I didn't like it.

But it was probably good for me to do that. I guess. I don't know. It was weird.

Thank you also for your comments on the Patreon future of this blog. I appreciate those who will come along for the journey and, who knows, maybe once it starts we can win over some of you who won't. Either way, thanks for reading.

Here are a couple of links, in case you missed them:

For MLB, I wrote about the 10 most surprising seasons in the Expansion Era.

For The Athletic, I wrote about how Cleveland is no longer America's most heartbroken sports city. What city is? Read it here.