An Excerpt from THE SECRET OF GOLF

Here's a little fun insider book information: Whenever publishers and authors and other people exchange notes or emails or letters about a book, they always put the book title in all capital letters. I was baffled by this at first; I thought they were putting THE SOUL OF BASEBALL in all caps because they liked it that much.

In any case THE SECRET OF GOLF comes out in five days, and there is now an excerpt up on SportsWorld. They decided to run a big part of Hole No. 6 -- I broke the book up into 18 holes -- which is the beginning of the rivalry between Watson and Nicklaus, back when Jack was the best player in the world and Watson was viewed largely as a choker. One of the things I loved about writing this book was the scope -- at first Watson despised Nicklaus (he was an Arnold Palmer fan), then he admired Nicklaus, then he was intimidated by Nicklaus, then he challenged Nicklaus, then he beat Nicklaus, then he became lifelong friends with Nicklaus. That's a pretty fun story.

In any case, here's the first excerpt, hope you like it, hope you buy a book or two books or books for everyone you know. Unlike the Apple Watch, there are no limits. Also, today (Thursday) is the last day to sign up for your free autographed bookplate in case you want to give the book away for Father's Day or you just happen to want my signature on the book.


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