A Special Hall of Fame Ballot

OK, here’s a poll that will lead to our next Hall of Fame post … I put up a survey here. On it are are the 21 best players on the 2014 Hall of Fame Ballot -- or, anyway, the 21 players most likely to get serious Hall of Fame consideration. It was 20 --- I originally forgot Larry Walker. I got him on there, so that it shouldn’t affect the voting.

Anyway: Your mission is to vote, of course. But we’re going to do it a little bit differently this time. Instead of just checking off the candidates you like for the Hall of Fame, you actually have to RANK the players you are voting for. This idea comes from Tom Tango and Bill James -- more on that in the next post.

For now, all you need to do is vote the players you think belong in the Hall of Fame IN ORDER. So, if you have 10 players you want to vote for the Hall of Fame (remember, 10 is the limit), you have to rank them 1-through-10. So if you think Greg Maddux is the best person on the ballot, you vote him No. 1. If you think then it’s Edgar Martinez, you vote him No. 2. If you think then it’s Lee Smith, you vote him No. 3. And so on.

If you only want to vote for one person, say Jack Morris, then click him at No. 1 and send click “send survey.” This option is really only for Murray Chass.

This should be fun.

Again, the survey is here.