A Night Of Arizona Baseball

PHOENIX -- Sometimes, it’s fun to pretend you’re watching a baseball game for the first time. I tried that again Monday night here in Phoenix. The Dodgers were playing the Diamondbacks. Gametime temperature was 101 degrees. But it was a dry heat. The Dodgers are on the brink of winning the National League West -- their magic number is 4, meaning they need a combined four Dodgers wins and Diamonbacks losses to wrap this thing up. Obviously the cleanest way for Los Angeles to get this done is to win two of the three games here in Arizona. There was a lot of talk before Monday night’s game on the Arizona side about preventing the Dodgers from celebrating on the Diamondbacks home turf. These are the little things you play for when your team’s season is almost done.The game itself was quite entertaining. First batter of the game, Los Angeles’ Nick Punto, bounced a single to center field and then -- for reasons that can only be clear in the mind of Nick Punto -- slid headfirst into first base. Sliding headfirst into first base is

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