A new Baseball 100 offer!

Hi everybody.

The Baseball 100 comes out in 41 days — and let’s take a moment to remember the awesomeness of the best ever No. 41, Tom Seaver. There is a No. 41 argument to be made, I suppose, for Flula Borg’s favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki, and there is another player in The Baseball 100 who wore 41 (Eddie Mathews).

But I would go with Tom Terrific.

In any case, if you follow along here you probably know about The Baseball 100 Rainy Day Books offer, which ends at the end of the month. As a reminder, if you pre-order the book from Rainy Day by Sept. 1, you can have the book signed and inscribed with anything you like (within reason). Hundreds and hundreds of you have already taken advantage of this, and I’m told the inscriptions are … intense. I am actually going to have to fly into Kansas City a day or two early to get them all done. But I’m happy to do it! And, yes, I still reserve the right to change your inscription if it is too positive about the Yankees or Billy Joel, or too negative about fruit pies or my Springsteen lyric thoughts.

Once again, the link to the Rainy Day offer is here. Time is running out on giving me writer’s cramp.

But I told you that I wanted to do something special for everybody who preorders the book. And now, thanks to the good folks at Simon & Schuster, I’ve got something for you.

If you preorder the book before Sept. 28 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local bookstore, or anywhere else, all you have to do is fill out this form with your name, address and proof of purchase (you can upload a receipt or type in a receipt number). And if you do that you will get:

  1. A signed bookplate to stick in the book.

  2. An invitation to a special and exclusive virtual event just for you where I will answer questions, discuss baseball and accept blame for my many Baseball 100 mistakes.

Unfortunately, the bookplates cannot be personalized … but I’m hoping you’ll still think this is a pretty cool deal.

Summing up, you still have a few days to take advantage of the Rainy Day Books inscription offer, so if you want to do some early Christmas shopping, this is the time.

And if you already have preordered the book from somewhere else — or would like to just preorder it from, say, Amazon right now — you can simply fill out this nifty little form and get a signed bookplate and an invitation to our special online Baseball 100 event.

I’ll put both the links on the bottom again. Thanks, everybody. And, oh, by the way, a big announcement about what I’m doing next is coming VERY soon. Can’t wait to share.

Rainy Day Books offer link

Preorder Bookplate and Online Event Offer link