A loss to remember

From SportsWorld:

The Chiefs got the ball back on their 20, and there seemed no doubt that they would run out the clock because that’s what coach Andy Reid does. Know thyself, Andy. But for some reason, the Chiefs decided to try and trick the Broncos by lining up as if they intended to throw. Of course, they did not throw – as the Broncos undoubtedly knew. They handed off to Jamaal Charles. He ran into a mess of Broncos defenders, fumbled, the ball was scooped up by Bradley Roby who ran 21 yards for the game-winning touchdown, while 75,000 or so Chiefs fans in the stadium and millions around the world simultaneously dropped their jaws.

“I’ve never been involved in one quite like that one,” said Peyton Manning, who was smiling like those guys on the “we won a million bucks” fantasy sports commercials.

It was a crushing, gutting, humiliating defeat for Kansas City, but the question here is not, “Why the heck didn’t the Chiefs just take a knee?” or “How many different ways can Andy Reid mismanage the clock?” or “Is Peyton Manning a witch?”

No, the question here is: Will this one become famous?

A loss to remember