A little housekeeping

One, you may have noticed, I have switched blog formats (and blog addresses). This should not have any effect on brilliant readers -- you should still be getting the same rambling, typo-ridden text as ever -- but it is part of an overall plan to take advantage of a bunch of cool features I could not use before (and, I think/hope this offers a better commenting system). We will see how it goes. For now, I believe that everything from the old blog redirects here and all the all posts and comments have been imported here.

Two, if you have a chance, here’s a fun survey for you to take. I take 10 semi-hot-button topics and ask you to give an opinion -- or anyway choose an opinion that most closely resembles your own. I’ll be writing all about the responses.

Three, I do plan to post the final results of all surveys -- the Hall of Fame survey, the quarterback survey, this one, etc. I have to figure out the best way to do that.

Four, I found out moments ago that my oldest daughter is getting braces. I will put a “Donate by Pay Pal” button on the right side

Five, man oh man do the New York Giants stink. Did you see that coming? I didn’t see that coming.

Six. In 2008, the Kansas City were thisclose to signing Torii Hunter. If the Angels had not swooped in with an enormous deal, Hunter was coming to KC. How do you think that would have changed his career?

Seven. Thanks for reading.