A Fun Challenge

OK, here's a fun challenge for you baseball fans.

In the comments, craft as many strong arguments as you can to prove this contention:


That's it. That's the whole challenge.

Well, stop, wait, there two caveats:

1. You cannot mention saves or any derivative of saves (such as save percentage).

2. Any argument you make must hold up against other players on the ballot. For instance, if you want one of your arguments to be that "Hoffman had a higher Win Proabability Added" than Wagner, which is true, that's fine, a good argument. However, you will be countered by the fact that the people on the ballot with a higher WPA than Hoffman include: Jeff Bagwell; Barry Bonds; Roger Clemens; Ken Griffey; Edgar Martinez; Fred McGriff; Mark McGwire; Mike Mussina; Mike Piazza; Tim Raines; Curt Schilling; Gary Sheffield and Larry Walker.

OK, have at it.