A Few New Year's Links

Lots and lots and lots of Hall of Fame stuff coming.

In the meantime: A few links for the New Year:

-- The Big 4-0: At 40, Jack Nicklaus had a hard decision to make -- did he want to try to be great again? If Tiger Woods can get healthy again at 40, what will he decide?

-- The Curse of Jim Brown. My Dad saw Jim Brown runt he ball not long after he came to America. It led him to pass along lessons about living.

-- The Year of Kyle. Lots of people in sports had great years in 2015. But how many of them got in very serious car accidents, had their first child after years of trying and won a championship?

-- Green with Envy. Will the Eagles regret firing Chip Kelly? It's possible, of course, but history suggests: Probably not.

May your new year come up royal flushes:

IMG_0116 (1)