A Few Links and a Wrigley Request

A few links:

-- RIP Tony Gwynn, the artist.

-- Martin Kaymer may not have excited the masses with his romp at the U.S. Open. But I think it put him in prime position to do something no one since Tiger has done -- become the TRUE best golfer in the world.

-- There is still something golfers can learn from Jack Nicklaus.

Got a bunch of other things coming -- something on golf and officiating, something on Jurgen, something on Tim Duncan, something on the red-hot Royals, and so on.

I will also tell you that I’ve had a slight change of plans on the Baseball 100. As you probably remember, the original plan was to just list off the 100 best players in 100 days. I wasn’t planning on writing extensive essays on each. But, you know, I can’t help my myself. So the essays started getting more and more involved and elaborate, and I found myself getting pulled in a bunch of different directions.

Well, I kept it up for as long as I could. But, as you might know, in addition to all the other stuff I’m also writing a book about Tom Watson and his rivalry and friendship with Jack Nicklaus (at a bookstore near you Masters time 2015!). So I simply can’t keep up the Top 100 as constructed. Still, I know some people are following the Top 100 so I’m going to start putting them out there one after another but only with very short comments. I will say I have some plans to revisit the 100 in greater depth at a later date.

OK, one other thing. Next Monday and Tuesday, I’m heading to Chicago to write something on the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. If you have any thoughts on Wrigley Field, any stories, any memories ... drop them in the comments.