A few links

We'll get back going again here next week with the next baseball player on the 100 and a few other things I'm kicking round. In the meantime, a bunch of links here:

-- Really enjoyed this one ... caught up with Jackie Stiles, the all-time leaders scorer in women's Division I basketball. I've been writing about Jackie since she was a kid. It's is good to see her find her happily ever after.

Lots of golf:

-- Jordan Spieth, designed by Apple in California.

-- Tiger Woods has shown himself to be over the weird yips he had a couple of months ago. Can he be great again or will he just be another good golfer? It's an open question.

-- No matter what happens, Tiger remains the biggest story in golf. This is a bit of an indictment of the young golfers who try to take his role. A video essay.

Also, my book THE SECRET OF GOLF will be out June 9. I'm not saying you should be thinking about Father's Day. I'm just saying, yeah, you should be thinking about Father's Day.