A Bill James Addendum

Bill James (the writer -- not Seattle Bill James) writes in with an addendum to the young pitchers injury post:I know you weren't trying to do an encyclopedia of these guys, but … two of the greatest sensational-young-pitcher-burns-out stories of all time:1) Bobby Shantz. It is difficult to describe how much the press loved Bobby Shantz. He was a little bitty guy, 5-foot-6 and slightly built, but he was an outstanding pitcher in 1951 and the MVP in 1952, when he went 24-7. The press just adored him, because he had so much heart and courage. Got hurt in '53. . .never the same.2) JR Richard. The right-handed Randy Johnson. That's the long and short of it. . .the tallest great young pitcher who burned out, and the shortest one.