Hi. I’m Joe. I’m a writer. This is JoeBlogs.

Those words, “I’m a writer,” feel a bit boastful to me, even after 30-plus years of writing for a living. But I guess there’s really no denying it at this point. I’ve written six books — the last a 2.7-pound beast called The Baseball 100 — and millions of other words in places like Sports Illustrated, The Kansas City Star, NBC Sports, The Athletic, etc. I wrote the movie that they show several times daily at the Baseball Hall of Fame. And you should see some of the texts I write.

I also co-host The PosCast, a podcast where Michael Schur — a comedy writer and showrunner who you only know as “Mose” from The Office — and I mostly argue about fruit pie and lament the Yankees’ inevitability.

Here’s a photo of Mike and me and some other guy named Nick or something at Wrigley Field.

JoeBlogs is basically an open door into my mind.

Everything spills out here, most of it revolving around baseball, but there’s also some football stuff, some tennis stuff, some golf stuff, basketball, music, travel, movies, Olympics, Buck O’Neil memories, infomercials, family, complaints about people backing into parking spots, science, hockey, chess, magic, Billy Joel loathing, soccer, pretty much anything and everything except politics, which we try to avoid even if not everybody believes that.

What I can promise you are words. Lots of words. I do tend to go overboard on words — such as the 60,000-or-so word baseball preview I did leading into the 2022 season. As I write this About section, I’m hard at work on my next big project “Ten Who Missed,” a companion to The Baseball 100, which will feature, yes, ten players who just missed.

There is a free version and a paid version of JoeBlogs. Both contain lots of words, though perhaps some of the better words are in the paid version. Well, ain’t that America. I’d of course be appreciative if you subscribed and helped me put two daughters through college. Here’s an easy button to subscribe.

I’ll now let others tell you how great Joe Blogs is:

“My friend, Joe is an amazing writer and storyteller. He’s an award-winning sports journalist (if you don’t trust my opinion, that’s how you know he’s good). He has launched Joe Blogs … if you’re a sports fan like myself, I promise you’ll love it.”

— Alex Shibutani, ice dancer, two-time Olympic medalist.

“I love Joe’s writing so much that even though we’re texting all day every day, I’ll still pay to read his musings on chess, movies, ping pong … actually, I’m starting to rethink this.”

— Former Major League pitcher Brandon McCarthy

“My dope friend Joe is starting a new adventure of writing about sport and life and more and check it outs!”

— Actor, comedian, third-sexiest North Bavarian DJ, Flula Borg

“Deal of the century.”

— Actor and author Nick Offerman

“The thought of Joe Posnanski now having limitless capacity to scribe to his heart’s content makes me smile. Best $7 you’ll spend in this or any other month.”

— New York Post sport columnist Mike Vaccaro

“If you are the kind of person who enjoys ‘getting their money’s worth,’ might I suggest my friend Joe Posnanski’s new Substack, which (knowing how obsessively he writes) for $7/mo will give you roughly $12,000/mo worth of words.”

— Television writer, producer and co-host of the PosCast Michael Schur

“If you like reading about sports or life or just love reading fantastic writing, you should subscribe. And if you don’t subscribe, you’ve got to ask yourself: Why do I have an email address and an internet connection?”

— Attorney, author and veteran Jason Kander

“The internet is 99% trash and your email box is at least 95% annoying; we need copious amounts of Posnanski verbiage to make either of them worth facing. Fortunately, copious verbiage is what Joe does.”

— Actor, poet and baseball fan extraordinaire Ellen Adair

“I used to write lots of letters of recommendation for folks seeking new jobs. When I had complete confidence in the person, I’d say they came ‘with a money-back guarantee.’ Joe Posnanski comes with a money-back guarantee.”

— Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Howard Weaver

“I can 100 percent guarantee this will be worth your money and time: baseball, football, magic, music, crazy drafts, weird commercials … Joe contains multitudes. And they’re all amazing writers.”

— Author, journalist and podcaster Tommy Tomlinson

“Joe’s writing is always interesting and entertaining, you should check it out.”

— Tony Award-winning actor Joe Mantegna